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I care because you do

OMFG. More oil than the SAUDIS!!!!
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"I believe that it isn't corruption which is on the increase [in Iraq], but our awareness of [such] corruption."

- Rumsfield, 2/7
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Turning in homework due at 1:00am at 12:58am.
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Yo' Homes, ( with a little help from my slang flashcards)

I'm a scrub with no game...I forgot to send this yesterday...a thousand apologies. Hopefully, they won't deduct any cheddar from my paycheck which is already lacking in duckets, fo'shizzle.

The bumpin' weekly flyer designer for this week is master de la newsletter, AMY (ajrichar@uci.edu). Please send her blurbs about your events with lots of tight details by WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT. Don't act a foo and send it on Thursday.

Per usual, please send blurbs to me and that shorty Cindy (lbarrant@uci.edu, cchiu@uci.edu) for the weekly email and CC website by THURSDAY at midnight. The most bangin' blurbs will include details like the date, time, place, and why it will be an off the hook program where they can kick it with their friends.

aiight? I gotta bounce.

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Looking for an ethic in Congress is as foolish as looking for a virigin in a bordello.

- Washington Journal quoting WSJ 1/6/06
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Downloaded it about 7 hours ago. Played it for about 5. Freakin SICK. The cars are so sweet and range from the Ford Mustang and the Golf GTI all the way up to a carrera GT. Awesome. The new bullet time feature is so cool. It makes the pit manuever so easy to pull. Also, you can actually avoid those head on collusions easily. The graphics are very demanding on my system. At 1024x768 with everything all the way up, it lags about 2 or 3 seconds a race. No big deal, but I'll probably need a new card and rig to play the next version of the game. My fingers hurt. :)

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There was once a blacksmith in a village. He claimed that his spears were so strong that they could penetrate any shield and his shield so strong that they can deflect any spear. One day, a customer asked him: "What happens when your spears and shields collide?"

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I picked Panasonic for a few reasons:

1) battery life. (200 shots per charge)
2) Design (It looks awesome)
3) Large 2.5in LCD with 200,000+ pixels
4) Mega O.I.S. (Optical Image Stablizer). Ok this feature F-ING ROCKs. Ever noticed that when you take a picture without flash or a tripod it comes out blurry as hell? I HATE THAT. The reason that happens is because it order for a image to be sensed by the CCD (the image processor on your camera) it needs a certain amount of light. So when there is less light (i.e. no flash) then the shutter is open for a longer period of time (1/16th of a second with flash and 1/8 of a second without flash). In that time, if your hand moves or the camera moves, the picture comes out blurry. BUT, if you use flash then everything looks different. Animals' eyes look like freakin lightbulbs. Everyone is paler than Michael Jackson. Glares everywhere. And it just makes the background really dark. I HATE THAT. HATE IT. So I was very impressed when I found out about this feature. Apparently, almost every manufacturer is trying to copy Panasonic. (Samsung, Casio, Konica, etc.). But only Konica and Panasonic has the really hardware image stablizer feature attached to their lenses. The Samsung and Casio versions are just software programmed to simulate the feature.
5) All the reviews said this camera is highly recommended.
6) I got a good deal, it was 399 retail and I got it for 350 shipped fedex second day.
7) SICK SLEEK BLACK COLOR. (The silver version looks corny as hell).

I'll post some sweet shots of M.E. when I get my camera next week. :)

http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/casio/exilim_s500-review/index.shtml (Scroll down the page and see the difference between casio's lame software feature versus the real thing on panasonic)

Plus, I ordered a 1gb Patriot Memmory Extreme Performance 133X SD card from newegg. This will be fun.

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Started at 10:01pm and ended at 10:52. Started in front of Illuvia and around 800 meters pass a high way overpass on the UCI Reserve trail. On the way back, I heard a growl from the bushes as I ran by. It was probably a coyote. I started getting really bad shin splints on the way back tp Mesa. Otherwise I wasn't really tired. I was planning on running to the Arc.

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